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Race Relations in Black and White: 'Trouble in Mind' at the Aurora Theatre

In the days of constantly streaming Twitter and Facebook, it’s amazing anything stays relevant for a month, much less decades. But Trouble in Mind by Alice Childress - the first African-American woman to win an Obie award - remains an insightful exploration of racial inequality, even half a century later.

Written during the Civil Rights movement, this play-within-a-play follows a cast of black and white actors mounting a script about anti-lynching (by a white dude, naturally) on Broadway, a premise which opens the proverbial stage door to all manner of cultural side-stepping and socially mandated diffidence. Early in the play, an older black actor advises a younger one to “Laugh, laugh at everything they say.” Where “they” are white people in general, and white theater people in particular.

Are Fake Boobs a Turn-On or a Turn-Off?

I’m a 40-year-old woman contemplating a boob job, but every guy I know seems to respond negatively to the idea, saying fake boobs feel terrible. Are breast implants a turn-on or turn-off?

He Said: Guys are most attracted to women who feel good about themselves, especially as they get older. A hot, young chick can be surly, depressed, boring, untrustworthy, or annoying and still have guys trailing after her. But women and men attract the partner they deserve as the years go by. The real question is not what will your guy friends think, but how will you feel if your breasts are firmer, possibly larger, but probably less sensitive? The statistics say that most women are glad they had work done, so that’s encouraging.

Eat It: Booze, Butchery and Bees

Carnivores Unite at Primal

This weekend, chefs and butchers from all over the country will be gathering a Primal, a celebration of sustainably raised meats, the art of butchery, and live-fire grilling. There will be butchery and sausage making demonstrations, a bacon hall of fame tasting bar, wood-fired meats of all kinds (over 2000 pounds!) and a haut dog station, among myriad other meaty attractions. The event will be held at Chase Cellars in St. Helena and tickets are $75-125.

Film Night at the Farm

Another Map of San Francisco, Now on 20x200















Let's Eat: Tabemasho Comes to J-Town This Weekend

If you've got a little Japanophile in you, you'll want to get yourself to Japantown this Saturday for Tabemasho (which means "let's eat"). You'll eat well for sure—from ohagi manju (mochi) to congee with crispy ham and uni, sushi, shabu-shabu, pickled vegetables, beef tataki with daikon (from chef Nik Balla of Nombe).

Transported: Muni's Most Scenic Bus Routes

Welcome to "Transported," our new weekly series about getting places in San Francisco, whether you take the bus or the BART, bike or drive. Come here to find the skinny on secret parking spots, the new bike lanes and how to get across town on MUNI without losing your mind.

A lot of us see Muni only as a means to an end, and that's mostly what it is. But that isn't to say you can't enjoy yourself for $2: let Muni take you on some scenic SF tours (sans parking hassles). Below are some of our favorite bus routes. Tell us some of your favorites in the comments.

Band We Love: The Fresh N Onlys

One of the bands many of us here at 7x7 agree on is San Francisco's very own Fresh N Onlys. If you've seen them, you know that they're multifarious, loud and psychedelic.  And if you haven't, definitely check out their multitude of albums and EPs (these guys churn them out like they're nothing) - each one is a journey of the band's collective music-obsessed mind. And speak of the devil, they've got a new one hot off the presses - Play It Strange (In the Red) will be out October 12th.

The New York School of Flower Design Opens a San Francisco Branch

While I'm a firm believer that September is way too soon for stores to put up Thanksgiving decorations (I'm looking at you, Pottery Barn), it's never too early to start honing your skills in the art of entertaining–whether it be in anticipation of the holidays or just a dinner party next week. And mastering a few welcoming wreathes or bouquets for around the home is a good place to start. Even if you're not throwing the bash, what better gift to give a host than a thoughtfully handmade flower arrangement? Here are a few ways to up your floral design prowess around the state:

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