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5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch

Quirky conversation starters for the weekend ahead. 

Oakland Eats: Two New Coffee Spots and a Friday Night Beer Fest

Guten Morgen, East Bay! Have you kicked off your Oktoberfest celebrations yet? Whatever your answer, we've got a party happening tonight, plus two new coffee options for recovery purposes. 

The Bay Area’s Top 5 Outdoor Workouts

Ditch the gym and enjoy some fresh air. You'll thank us later.

The Thinking Person’s Bar is Realized at The Interval

Did the advent of alcohol mark the beginning of human civilization or vice versa? That existential question is up for debate, but according to Alexander Rose, executive director of the futurist Long Now Foundation, man and booze are inextricably linked.

2014 Hot 20: Open Gov, the Reformers

Nate Levine, Cofounder / 23, Mike Rosengarten, CTO / 27, Zac Bookman, Cofounder and CEO / 34

ImagineNations Colors Our World with Decoupage Globes and Pictorial Wall Maps

Each month, San Rafael artist Wendy Gold painstakingly scours the Alameda Flea Market in search of vintage globes and wall maps for ImagineNations, the map-art studio she launched in 2010.

Where To Find Tasty "Queso" Dip In San Francisco

More monster truck rally than quinceañera, cheese dips are a perfect example of gringo comfort food. Come on, no authentic Mexican dish involves the lowbrow/high-flavor art of melting cubes of cheese with a jar of salsa. So when we have a hankering for something richer than chips and pico de gallo, we look toward San Francisco eateries to help us out. For example:

New Deal Design Studio Reveals The Secret Of Revolutionary Design

It’s surprising (and intriguing) to hear Gadi Amit say that his multi-disciplinary teams work together “quite chaotically.” Amit is the soft spoken founder and principal designer of New Deal Design studio, which has designed such award-winning technology products as Fitbit, the Lytro camera, and Google's (GOOG) Ara phone. Not the kind of profile one would associate with a lack of discipline.

Weekend Guide: The Samberger, Lia Ices, & More

The 5 things you should be doing this weekend. 

Drink Here Now: Bacchus, Brunch, and a Bloody Mary Festival

So many reasons to drink. So little will power.

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