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Oakland Airport BART Extension to Run by Holidays (UPDATED)

BART's long-awaited (and very expensive) Oakland Airport Connector light rail is set to open by the holidays*. And all we can say is: yay! 

We Wanna Be Friends With Chef and Niners Fan Michael Mina

If you've never been to a Michael Mina tailgate, then you're doing football wrong. Possibly the biggest Niners fan in the Bay Area, Mina throws a truly insane pre-game party. 

The Legendary Rescue of the Fox Theatre Oakland

Mario and Erma DeLucchi were running late to the auction. It was 1978, and the historic Fox Theatre in Oakland was going up for sale at any moment. One company wanted to turn it into a parking lot, but the DeLucchi family were determined to save it. Mario dropped off his wife so she could get inside while he searched for parking. She arrived just in time to win a bid on the Fox for $340,000.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Hendrick's Takes Guests for a Steampunk Ride

From merely curious to downright odd, guests were treated to a bevy of sights, tastes, and sounds at Hendrick’s Gin "Emporium of the Unusual" Cocktails and Oddities event. Held at the historical Old Mint building in San Francisco, the three-day event allowed partiers to experience Hendrick's cocktails alongside a modern sideshow of magicians, illusionists, and curiousity shop-esque trinkets that would make the Mad Hatter’s head spin.

Vango Delivers Art, Made By Local Artists, Right to Your Door

Tired of the cookie-cutter art found at Walmart, Ikea, and other such big-box monstrosities? Vango founder Ethan Appleby is trying to change the way we decorate our lives by helping you purchase original pieces with neither fuss nor muss.

The Michelin Diet: The Restaurant at Farmhouse Inn

From Atkins to Paleo, 7x7 editors are no strangers to fad diets. Having failed at each of them, we've finally found a nutrition regimen that suits our discriminating lifestyle: The Michelin Diet.

3 New Books to Pick Up and Read Right Now

Aside from Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman might be the most famous caped crusader around, and she's certainly the most famous superheroine. But as Jill Lepore's The Secret History of Wonder Woman reveals, her origins might be even more interesting than her travails on the comic-book page.

Neighborhood Guide: What to Do in the Castro

Here's your guide to San Francisco's gay district (no, not the "vibrant" or "colorful" or "proud" or whatever any number of coy discriptives real estate agents choose to call it), which you should use for both daytime and nighttime merriment. Enjoy.

Zen Out with Meditation Apps

In the hustle and bustle of our modern days, it's hard to stay focused. So our editors tested out the best way to achieve zen—there are apps for that, of course. Here are four to try for yourself. Can we get an om?

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