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Muni Tests New App to Pay Fares

In the age of the Clipper card, it amazes me when I still see someone whip out cash to pay for their Muni ticket. I guess the Municipal Transportation Agency feels the same way, because they're working on a new smart-phone app that will allow riders to pay their fare sans bills and change. 

Apple Unveils New iPhone 6 and Watch

At last, Apple revealed the new iPhone 6 today during a press conference at their Cupertino headquarters. The highly-anticipated new phone comes in two sizes (the iPhone 6 measures 4.7 inches and the iPhone Plus comes in at 5.5 inches, larger than the iPhone 5s' comparatively puny 4 inches), appears noticeable thinner than ever before, and features super sharp Retina HD screens. 

Market Watch: Lonely Mountain Farm Comes to the Ferry Plaza

Though it’s always hard to say goodbye to summer fruits and veggies, we are excited for the return of dates and almonds, apples, pomegranates, persimmons, and early hard squash varieties every fall at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. This month we are also excited to welcome a new vendor to our Saturday lineup—Lonely Mountain Farm, hailing from the Watsonville area.

Seven Can’t-Miss Experiences At NewCo SF

NewCo SF

If “conference” brings to mind mindlessly munching on stale crackers under the glaring florescent lights of a hotel ballroom, then NewCo is definitely not a conference.

A Preview of Fall's 7 Most Anticipated Cookbooks

Back to school in editorial land means delivery upon delivery of fall’s most exciting book titles. For a food editor, this equals a delicious pile of noteworthy cookbooks, and 2014 is ushering in no less than a smorgasbord from some of my favorite chefs and restaurants.

Bill Murray Commandeers Cab From Oakland To Sausalito

A curious cry for help or the antics of an artist? You decide: Bill Murray, buster of ghosts and erstwhile Suntoruy spokesman, made headlines this week after he drove a cabbie's car from Oakland to Sausalito on Thursday. Why? Because he wanted to listen to the taxi driver play his sax.

New App LOLy Brings Sexy Emojis to Your iPhone

There's not much in the way of SF-savvy emojis in the current app store, and we're getting pretty bored of the same thumbs up and smoochy lips we've been sending our BFF for years. Where's the burrito? Where's the Ghiradelli chocolate? That's where LOLy comes in. 

Property Porn: A Gorgeous Edwardian With Sexy Library for $1.8M

This two-level, circa-1900, Edwardian condo in Lower Pac Heights is a thousand times sexier on the inside than it appears from the sidewalk. 

What to Do If an Earthquake Strikes While On BART

Napa's recent quake occurred at 3:20 am, less than an hour before BART trains were set to start running again. For those of us who spend a fair amount of time shuttling between Bay Area cities, there's a good chance we could be caught in the transbay tube or (even worse) high above ground on an aerial trackway when the next big one hits. 

Google's Megan Smith Named America's New Chief Technology Officer

Megan Smith, former Google Vice President (and who, as of 10:30 am Monday, has yet to be verified on Twitter!), will be America's new Chief Technology Officer. President Barack Obama made the announcement on Friday. This makes Smith our country's first female CTO.

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