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13 Hidden Gardens in the Financial District

Looking for somewhere off the beaten path to take your lunch today? Due to some smart city developments, we here in San Francisco are fortunate to have over 50 privately owned public spaces (POPOS) tucked away on roof tops, in alleys, behind buildings, or in foyers, and available to anyone.

2014 Hot 20: Divya Nag, the Prodigy

Founder of StartX Med and Stem Cell Theranostics / age 23

This Week In Live Music: The Weeknd, Lily Allen, The Drums, and More

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass has come and gone, and you still can’t get enough, can you? Well, here you go...

Top 6 Wine Country Brunch Spots

The weekend approaches! And with that, here are the top six spots you should try for brunch in Wine Country this weekend.

Neighborhood Guides: What to Do in the Bay Area

Everything you need to know about eating, drinking, and shopping in San Francisco and beyond.

2014 Hot 20: The Bay Area's Top Movers and Shakers

Each October, we’re presented with the biggest quandary of the year: Narrowing down the Bay Area’s abundance of stellar luminaries to an exclusive selection of trailblazers for our annual Hot 20 list. After weeks of review and all-out debate among our editors, this year’s round-up comprises the most energizing influencers of our time. You’ll meet a pioneer of electric cars, a branding prophet, a major league all-star, and a Stanford dropout-turned-biotech virtuoso. Best of all, there’s more awesomeness where these came from. See them all below. 

Sensible Chic and World Class Art on Alcatraz

In 1963 the last prisoner to get off of Alcatraz was asked how he felt about leaving. He replied, "Good... Alcatraz was never no good for nobody." And who would disagree? The prison is great for sea birds and tourists, but locals rarely go there. Until now.

San Francisco's Newest Home-Cooked Meals and Delivery Services

Sure, the professionally-made food you find in restaurants and eateries is delicious and fun, but sometimes you want the same food right in your own home. Around the city, there is a movement percolating of home cooks inviting strangers over for intimate dinners, along with delivery options of homemade meals and baked goods. Here are some of the latest:

Halloween How-To: Josey Baker as Flower Beard [Video]

Even with a bouquet’s worth of flowers tucked into his beard (a ticklish and no doubt allergy-provoking circumstance), the unflappable Josey Baker, owner of Josey Baker Bread, maintained his robust sense of humor.

Editors' Picks: Mighty Wurlitzer Shirt, 'Half-Formed Thing,' & More

Here's what 7x7 editors were thinking about this week when they should have been at work. 

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